Going 3D and draping!!



Come on out and play with fabric on the small mannequin!!

I will be teaching a  Weekend Draping intensive at WORKROOM SOCIAL  on May 20–21, 2017 (Saturday and Sunday)

This is a fun two days where you will learn what I call “3D pattern making”.   You will learn how to drape and form fabric on a dress form to create the basic building blocks of all clothing styles— called slopers. Once you gain an understanding of how to create the basic sloper, you will learn how the foundational sloper style can be creatively re-draped, re-shaped, or changed to create style variations. You will  learn and  understand how  your own favorite  fashion style  is created from the pattern stage up to finished garment.

You will be working on  the pin-able, half scale mannequin, and will have all your notes, class handouts and  a sample book of all  your draping creations to take home as  future sewing  reference.

Check out the Workroom Social website for details.  Looking forward to seeing you in May!


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