A First for Nancy!


OKAY-OKAY – I’m getting CLOSE to showing garments sewn by me, and  made FOR me, with pictures of me in them  here, but at least at the moment I get the chance to boast about sewing friends.

SO- the owners at Gotham Quilts  decided that they would take a chance on my teaching skills, and allow me to teach a garment class at their shop. They made a wise assumption that people who quilt do not necessarily sew garments nor want to. They also wisely assumed that not everyone wanted to stay home and watch the Superbowl- not even WITH good commercials or a halftime show.

A  few brave  quilters got the “hankering ” to  have a small deviation from the “piecing path”, and  a sewing session featuring the   Grainline Studio Willow Tank dress was offered.  All   teaching and sewing went well during the session. One of the attendees  named Nancy created her first garment ever.  Above is the photo  that Nancy to sent me after she finished sewing the bias binding around the neck and armhole openings. She created it from a softly draped linen like fabric  with the gentle leaf and branch print. The fabric came from her stash.  I like how clean and polished  Nancy’s stitching was on this simple garment.  Makes me get the hankering to sew up a couple of these for myself for the upcoming summer. Will be sure to post when I do.

Congrats to Nancy on her  first  journey  into “garment sewing land”. May it be the beginning of a wonderful addition to her sewing journey!!


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