Been Busy. Now it’s chill time!

Greetings all



Well the draping class   that I mentioned in my last post 3 months ago when well. I always have a great time teaching at WORKROOM SOCIAL. Jennifer ( the WS studio owner…) has a knack for making both students and instructors  feel welcome and comfortable  in her studio so that a good time is had by all, and good sewing and draping work can get done. After the draping workshop completed, I finished  two things.

First, I finished sewing up an Easter outfit  for April -using this vintage outfit as inspiration.

IMG_2864.JPG I found  this picture SOMEWHERE on the internet and decided  I liked it  for Easter. I took a pattern out of one of the many books I have on my bookshelf and modified a simple jacket and skirt pattern in it  to  create the look.  The original Jansdotter pattern did not have a lining, so I drafted a facing and lining patten for the jacket and skirt lining pattern and inserted them into the garments.  I already had the hat, and shoes, and bag in my wardrobe. I took a 1 1/4 yard long piece of  6″ wide white ribbon out of my  ribbon stash and tied it around the hat crown for the look. I used  light mustard yellow 100% linen  for the  jacket and skirt shell and grey silk charmeuse for the lining. Both fabrics from my fabric stash. Did not have enough linen for the dress, so I made a skirt instead.IMG_2866.JPGIMG_2868.JPG  I wore it all with a $20 black and white striped  T-shirt I bought at J-Crew. Worked for me ,and was comfortable that day.



Second thing I did was GRADUATE in May!! WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO ! I  am finally DONE with my Masters degree. It’s official: After 2 1/2 years I IS EDU- MA- CATED, y’all !! 😉

IMG_3054.JPG  It is now officially CHILL time for the summer. Will continue sewing of course, but I am not sewing fast for anybody’s deadline anymore. I have fired all my clients.  No more “grad student sewing for food” or being “nickeled and dimed”  by clients and fighting to be paid for what my skills are worth. It really is sewing for me time. Thanks Mom for the sewing skills. Thanks Mom for the inspiration to pursue higher education! We did It!!

Let the summer fun and relaxing begin!


7 thoughts on “Been Busy. Now it’s chill time!

    1. Thanks SO much Teri! Glad to be done. I might be able to carve out more sewing time in coming days if I balance my schedule right. Dare I say to all the garment sewing people who peek in on this blog that I am trying to complete my second quilt?? Yeah- I guess I will. Yeah- I guess I just did. My sewing machine doesn’t care what I sew- either garments or quilts!! Hoping to use more quilting techniques within some garments in a subtle way. Now that I don’t have so much studying to do, lets see how creative I can get!!

  1. Fantastic ma chère! It is incredible to achieve a master degree, something to be really proud of! I love the allfit, you look really great in it. So much talent and creativity, encore une fois Bravo!

  2. Congratulations on your accomplishment – yay! Your linen jacket and skirt looks great with the black and white stripe top. Here’s to sewing for yourself!!! The issues you have encountered sewing for others are the reasons I do not sew for others. It’s ridiculous that people resist paying your worth but I bet those same people don’t argue with their car mechanic or doctors about their fees. Enjoy your summer!

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