Draping Time! C’mon and play!


As I continue on in my sewing journey, I am grateful to get  the chance to share a little bit of what I know  in sewing and design with other sewing people.  It’s great to get together with others who ( like me )wish to expand their  sewing skills and learn  more  design techniques  to help them better  express their creativity in garment making.

That being said,  I invite one and all to join me in a  creative weekend  where I will be teaching the  fundamentals of draping skill.  C’mon and play with fabric on the  small mannnequin!

The 2 day class is called  Weekend Draping Intensive and is being held at  Workroom Social  on April 2 and April 3 2016. Workroom Social is a relaxing, friendly  Brooklyn, NY sewing studio where you can learn something new, increase your sewing skills in a fun way, and meet new friends in the  local sewing community.

What’s great about this class is that you will  be able to  learn and understand how some of the basic building blocks of garment patterns ( called slopers )are formed. You’ll learn  how to  first create slopers,  and then learn how to  reform and reshape those basic   patterns to form  some of the simple  fashion styles that you love to wear.  Although you will be learning  how to drape and create  on the small mannequin, the same core  principles of  draping and pattern creation  you  are learning  will translate well into what you can do for your own sized garment patterns.

Now to give a fair “head’s up”, this class is for the  advanced beginner sewing person. Anyone  just starting out in sewing and not knowing a thing or two about garment making might feel a  little overwhelmed. But for those of you who have conquered zipper insertions, know  a small  bit about using  sewing patterns, and are familiar with sewing straight and curved seams, I invite you to  expand yourself and see where learning simple  draping skills can take your  sewing skills. This  Weekend Draping Intensive may be just what you need to help take ( or kick..) your creative garment making UP a notch or two!

Checkout  the Workroom Social website for more details and class description!

Happy sewing and see you in April !!



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