New Tool in the girl cave…

This will be short!

Nope- I’m not trying to  show off to anybody.  Just wanting to declare gratefulness. I am truly blessed.

So I said to Santa- ” PLEASE SIR, you cannot go to your midwinters’s nap, and sleep for the year without first  CONSIDERING giving me my ChristmasHannukahKwaansaNewYearbirthdayValentines’ gift.  I know how sleepy you are after your holiday run, but think about it!” He considered my request, looked at my last blog post and archives, and decided that my sewing skills might be worth the giving.

“You keep on sewing there, girlie girl”, he said to me in a loving fatherly manner as he yawned and went off to sleep till next Christmas.

” Yes sir, yes sir – I will !!  THANK YOU, Santa” I said.

New tool in the sewing room (a.k.a girl cave ) to  get creative with. I am very grateful and feeling very blessed. Now to start  the sewing worthy of the gift. One stitch at a time.


9 thoughts on “New Tool in the girl cave…

  1. Oooh…lucky you! I am sure you will have many years of joyous sewing from this machine. I have a basic Bernina Activa 240 from years ago and I love it. All the best!

    1. Thanks Tomasa. Yep- After sewing on many different brands, I am back to Bernina. I ain’t mad at my Janome ( -am happy to now set up two projects at once in the girl cave– one on the “nina” and the other on the “nome”…) But I’m loving this Bernina! SB

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