Nina’s First Steps- completed!

IMG_2188.jpg IMG_2186.jpg

Probably like millions of other  sewing machine owners, I named my new sewing machine. Probably like millions of other Bernina owners I have named my   new machine “Nina”. Easy to do! Covenient to do- especially when you want  an easy name to both bless the machine when it does well, and curse the machine if it does something crazy when you are trying to get a project done by a certain time. Okay  so maybe I am  the only one  who does this!

Anyway…I am blessing Nina. Profusely.

Her first steps sewing in my  little sewing place were a bundle of bras I created for a friend. Nina did well and I am happy with her. I made 6 “work-a-day” regular bras for  my friend G. who wanted every day  basic lingerie.  You know those “old faithful” garments that you roll out of bed, throw on, and run out  of the door to get to work on time. Yep-  sewing them worked out great on Nina. Just posting the pics  here to record what I have sewn- all in the interest of having this blog help me archive and  remember. I  can see the pictures which help me remember the techniques I have used to create the garment.

As I get the time I will post the techniques  in  the sewing process. I am thinking, though, that  ” everybody and her sister” is now sewing bras.  OK -I read that  ” everybody/sister” statement  recently on the Curvy Sewing Collective, but I guess I agree with it. If you  search the site you can even find a pattern for a free bra  that was posted for Feb 2016.  Also-with Beverly Johnson now with a Craftsy  bra making class and her blog , I may not need to show a lot of technique here. Beverly taught me, and  I feel  Beverly’s class is pretty good.

AND SO- Nina’s first steps- completed! Baby girl machine  is helping me to crank  it out, and it’s  ALL good! Love it!

IMG_2172.jpg IMG_2178.jpg

IMG_2185.jpg IMG_2189.jpg


( Warning- here comes a shameless advertisement, but here goes –) If you are interested in having fun, expanding your sewing and pattern making skills, and playing with fabric on the mannequin, sign up for  the Weekend Draping Intensive at Workroom Social. It’s happening on April 2nd & 3rd in the Brooklyn Workroom Social studio. I’ll be teaching the basics of draping and  we can work together to help  you take those draping skills and boost your overall  sewing skills  up  to the next level.

Going on with Nina into the next project. I’ll keep you posted!

Be Well. Happy sewing


6 thoughts on “Nina’s First Steps- completed!

  1. Ha Ha! I named my Bernina…Nina, of course. First new machine in 32 years and I love her! I also bought a Bernina serger on Craigslist for $125 and named her…Gina! Love your blog. Love your lingerie. Can’t come to draping class this year but maybe next! Glad you are out there, sewing and sharing what you know.

    1. Love the rhyming names! So now I have two “Nina”‘s -ONE name for TWO girls- the B740 and the 950 industrial. My other machine is named “No-mey” for the Janome 6600 “back up” machine.
      HaHa! Ya know- I feel no need to be creative with sewing machine names. I save the creativity for the garments that come OUT of actually using the machines! 😉

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