(Sadly )pickin’ the bones

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Went shopping at  The City Quilter for the last time this past Saturday.  Store closes on Wednesday of this week.

As I was shopping I felt like I was  “pickin’ the bones” of once meaty bird.  Bittersweet. Had good times with newly met quilting friends in this shop over the years. Also it  is sad that yet another store related to sewing and catering to sewing people in NYC is closing its doors. In it’s own small way  the shop was an extension of the quickly shrinking fabric/fashion district along  Broadway  and the garment district area. ( Yeah– Y’all, I am mourning the loss of Paron Fabric [38th st] and CHIC Fabric [40th st] as well. AND I have found out that  The Fashion Design Book Store on 27th street lost their lease and is also closing. OY- what a thing!!)

I will say in contrast, though, that I am glad  the CQ shop  is now FINALLY closing it’s doors, and ending the suspense that it wasn’t closing. This was the  LONGEST (4months-maybe ??? Felt like it!! )  store closing I had ever seen.  Usually a store will announce it’s closing and then 3weeks or 2weeks later, boom -it’s DONE.  Have a BIG sale-Doors shut! End of story.  Not CQ.  Felt like it was announced waaaay back in the late spring/ early summer ( feels like it..) that the shop was closing and the owners were retiring. I know it sounds macabre, but this felt like the longest wake and funeral of a store closing that I had ever been to. Those who know –know what I mean. Anyway…..

CQ was always a place to go and get great cottons for making summer clothes or great colorful fat quarters for making quick  cutesy little projects like the pin cushions pictured above ( and getting cottons usually cheaper per yard than I could get the cottons uptown at Mood or B&J fabrics.) Also a place go hang out with my friend Teri Lucas for a bit and talk Bernina  machine stuff. I will see Teri again- friendship doesn’t end with a store closing. Sorry Teri – you’re stuck with me.

Like most others, I will have to find somewhere else to get cottons for clothing or for quilting. After  going to Gotham Quilts here in the city, I guess I will have to hit that online trail for fabric  or hit Jersey, Queens or Upstate NY for LIVE shops. I will find the fabric to feed my  fabric addiction and keep my sewing machine humming.

Farewell City Quilter.  Thanks for the fabric. Thanks for the memories of sewing friends.

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2 thoughts on “(Sadly )pickin’ the bones

  1. What a bummer. I am saddened to know of the loss of Paron, City Quilter, Chic Fabric and the Fashion Design bookstore. Not good…not good at all.

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