Fall sewing fling


Happy Fall.

Been a bit since I last checked in.  Had not really sewn much for the summer after the draping class dates of the last post. Have spent  end of summer and all early fall enjoying a short break from sewing- particularly a break from sewing for other people. Spent last weekend enjoying a fall season  4day sewing fling at Camp Workroom Social.

For those of you who don’t know-there is no real physical campground named  “camp workroom social”. There IS however a sewing studio on Brooklyn NY named Workroom Social. Once a year the studio takes the sewing party to upstate NY to  host a fun and relaxing sewing retreat weekend at one of the best YMCA camps on the east coast. I had a great time. Going to this event always  feeds my “KIDULT”  i.e little  kid memories of  summer camp and the adult sense of  “get the heck out of NYC  for the weekend” and enjoy the scenic NY state fall foliage. In addition I  got to meet up with people  of all sewing levels who sew and want to talk sewing all weekend long. When we weren’t sewing , we were  doing real camp stuff like archery, zip lining, hiking, or visiting the wildlife  that lived in camp. Kinda wonderful.


Evening moon over the mountain ridge
Saturday morning hiking group

OK-  For all the feedback I heard from about 6 sewing friends who DID NOT go to the CWS weekend ( feedback like– “It was so expensive to go for just one weekend”, or ” there is not a lot of advanced sewing technique that is happening for the weekend”..) I have this to say about my best moment at camp:

There’s nothing quite like sitting around a  relaxed  fall  evening campfire after dinner, roasting  and eating S’mores ( with GOOD quality dark milk chocolate…) and talking fabric, patterns and sewing techniques– all the stuff your non sewing friends think you are crazy  for getting excited about. At camp I get to hang out  with the “sewing tribe” and do that. It did not matter what sewing level you were when you came to camp. Everyone was bound to learn something new or share a new technique from among all the different types of sewing folk who did come. Even though I already knew some of the sewing technique that was excellently presented in my class by my instructor, I put my own “spin” on what  the project was ( Yep-went a little  “rogue” and  put a little more tailoring in that Jacket than was called for in the pattern, but hey,  I was enjoying the class in my own quiet way, and my instructor was not bothered.)  For all the camaraderie and sewing good times to be had, it was worth the price. I would say start to  save your pennies in a jar starting now ( like I did last year…) and come to camp next year. It’s fun.

IMG_2652.jpg IMG_2646.jpg IMG_2653.jpg

Christine and Devon were great instructors !! Had good times  in class!


One thought on “Fall sewing fling

  1. Yes it is such an amazing experience in a wonderful environement! And meeting wonderful people. Yes it is worth every pennies!

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