Last bit O’Fall 2


So I had such a good time  up  in the fall foliage at Camp Workroom Social  (-see previous November post Last bit O’Fall …) I decided to go apple picking the very next weekend with my niece in a upstate orchard. Nice to get out of the the city for a day and enjoy the last  bit of peak foliage. Because it was so late in the season, there were hardly any apples left on the trees, but we enjoyed the walk in the orchard acreage and staring at the Catskill mountains, breathing clean air and  letting the city stress out of our heads. We had our “pick” at the various kinds of apples the orchard had gathered up and collected for purchase from their trees late in the season. Been enjoying the apple pie and even have a few pies  in cold storage waiting to bake for Turkey Day. IMG_2050.jpg

Paula and Auntie Sharon…


Other than that,  instead of Octoberfest, I had a mini “Bra- toberfest” of my own, as well as continuing sewing on my “UFO” pile. The navy blue/cream color bra with side cup lace is one that  I started up at Camp WS between  Melissa’s fitting sessions= now completed. ( Yes, yes- those of you who think I should be just like all the other blogs in the world and  only show pics of myself wearing cloths that I have made for myself, your day is coming. For right now, just have a peek at the workmanship I’ve put into my underwear. 😉   More to come…

IMG_2070.jpg IMG_2071.jpg IMG_2080.jpg IMG_2083.jpg IMG_2084.jpg

IMG_2063.jpg IMG_2082.jpgIMG_2081.jpg IMG_2085.jpg


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