Promises Promises- a year later!


NOPE your eyes are not deceiving you!  If you look careful at the dates, you DO see that it has been about a year since I have done ANY sort of entries to this blog.  What promises I have broken is that in my entry from last May 2018   I SWORE  to myself ( and  to you- whoever is reading…) that I was going to “do better” and post a something- ANYTHING, maybe even at least once per month.

YEP – completely didn’t fulfill that promise!!  Utter failure.  Sorry to  those who might have missed me.( OK SORRY to my dear friend  CINDY who was the “sewing muse” to start this blog !!! )  I gotta tell ya– this keeping up with sewing and blogging thing is  not  as easy as it looks when you have a whole other life  to meet responsibilities for.

For those of you who may not know I have “another life” as a registered nurse.  Just after my grandiose public  promise to sew and blog more, I made the decision  last summer to go back to school and pursue higher level learning  within the nursing field. Was the best decision ever for me, but totally clipped my wings and messed with my time management  for having the time  for  sewing and blogging.

Ok I might make you mad, but I don’t really feel any guilt or remorse  for my broken promises.  To be honest , the real pain is  that I feel like a “shlumpadinka”by not having as many Me Made articles of clothing that I would want to have had by now hanging in my closet and worn on my back.( Shlumpadinka–yeah that’s a real NYC fashion  word!! Or maybe check with   Oprah’s best friend Gail King who uses it…..) ANYWAY…

What drew me “back to the path” of writing and posting today is  that I will be teaching and leading a class this fall at Camp Workroom Social  In honor of the fact that some folks might need to know a little bit  about me before they decide to sign up for my  class track, I put a bunch of pics of past and more current sewing work on my Instagram page. The  Gram page leads to this blog page. So here I am welcoming myself ( and you ) back to my blog.  In case you missed it my Instagram is @tailorchick

From here on out NO  MORE PROMISES ! Well- I promise that if I actually sew and complete a project, I will post it. Again- I am in no rush to get multiple things done just to say I completed  X amount of garments in a month.  Not in a rush to even get stuff done before Camp in the fall.  As you can tell from what I am Graming, I  enjoy the process of making  and crafting a garment and work  at my own pace- CUZ I CAN !!  I am content to know that there is  no ” shame in my game” for doing so.

Then again there is also the fact that  I have multiple papers to write and much research to do for school. No ” shame in my game” for doing  that either.

And so CHEERS to  a new  sewing  and blogging  beginning. However it may be with “fits and starts and stops”. Stay tuned ( or at least turn on the notifications alert if you’re interested..) for what more to come.

THANKS!  And be well…Sharon Butler .jpg





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