Sewing Friends


Just talking about friends here in this posting.

My friend Nancy ( pictured above ) moved away to another state  recently and I will miss her!  It’s just as simple as that.

Some of you who  do more quilting than garment sewing may recognize Nancy from where she used to work at the City Quilter. Nancy has decided to take both her summer and, especially, her WINTER living to warmer climates. I really don’t blame her for that, considering the NY winters we have been having (–no, suffering through..) in recent years. I wouldn’t mind 73 degrees, no humidity, and no snow in January!

Nancy welcomed me into the quilting world and didn’t hold it against that I was  mainly a garment sewing person with a bad fabric addiction (quilting cottons make SUCH COMFORTABLE   clothing. I HAD to use them. And OH BOY- the colors!!!) Yeah- I think I have been stung by a  quilting bee. I will probably do more quilting since I discovered a whole new set of sewing friends that “come with”.

Don’t get it too twisted. I would never give up on my first love of garment sewing. On the contrary, I am now looking to see how many quilting techniques I can incorporate into garments. Turns out there is a lot  of creative things I can do in garment sewing, now that I am armed with some quilting skills. Hoping to show that off in the future as I sew for myself.

Oh yeah- the last thing Nancy asked me to do for her before her move was to make  her a corset! Sort of like a going away present. So I did! Nancy picked the fabric and I used a “fat quarter” for the binding of the corset edges and  for the modesty panel in the back of the corset. I set the grommets myself. I had a fun time making this corset for Nancy. She loved it.

IMG_2448.jpg IMG_2449.jpg IMG_2450.jpg IMG_2452.jpg IMG_2455.jpg IMG_2453.jpg IMG_2457.jpg

I am probably going to be doing more sewing for me in the coming seasons.  I need a rest from sewing for other people and I’m  feeling  like I am the  “abandoned stepchild” of my own sewing room and  sewing skills.  As far as sewing for others -Most people appreciate my sewing work, some don’t.  It can be hurtful to me sometimes when some don’t appreciate the work that goes into a custom made garment, but its ALL GOOD. I have learned  valuable lessons about myself, about  people and about  sewing with each sewing  encounter I’ve had.  I will DEFINITELY keep teaching sewing as others allow me to come into their creative sewing world. But I think it’s ME time.

Lastly -Nancy introduced me to two other wonderful sewing friends.  I mention them here in honor of mentioning Nancy.

One is Andrea- the owner of Gotham Quilts. Knowing Andrea has not only added a kindred sewing person to my life,  Gotham Quilts has  also  added more fabric to my already bad  fabric addiction. It’s wonderful !!

The other is named  Teri.


Teri is  fun woman!  You can see us here just goofing off for the camera. But seriously- Teri is an amazing and highly knowledgeable and skilled quilter. She is a Bernina Ambassador  and has helped me to learn and  get the most out of using my new Bernina machine.  Teri also keeps me laughing ( as you can see) and I appreciate her  lively, but dry sense of humor. Teri has a blog ( ) that I follow  not only because she is a friend, but I get to “expand my sewing horizons” by taking a look at the  news, and notes, and the links  that Teri posts there. It’s pretty good !

Well those are the two sewing friend gifts that Nancy left me before Nancy moved away. Nice to know I can still  text Nancy tonight and tell her  THANKS for  being a friend and leaving the friends to me that she has.

Happy sewing y’all.



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