Snowy Day sewing

pink lace 2015 b  pink lace 2015 IMG_1677

Snow Day + cabin fever ( WHEN will  snow STOP and Spring come ??? ) + RARE little bit of time on my hands to sew for myself = a “pretty in pink” bit of lingerie to add to my collection. This isn’t my first time entry to the “bra sewing rodeo”, but I noticed in “blogdom” within the past 4-6 months that folks have ‘discovered’ bra sewing and have posted their results. I just wanted to join in the fray- especially with a snowy day and  a full sewing room. I am SO happy to see more sewing women  ( especially the fuller sized women…) taking on the challenge and creating their own bras and lingerie. They are  going on the learning curve journey of making the garments FIT, and creating and designing pretty things for themselves. It represents  a woman being THAT MUCH MORE empowered and made free from the tyranny of retail bra sellers- who just may not “get it” when it comes to sizing and  fit in the bra market.  You GO girls !! Oh yeah- did I forget to say Happy 2015? Must be the snow blindness! Happy 2015. May you all be well, prosperous, healthy and blessed! Keep stitchin’ !! SB

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